Temple B’nai Sholom is fortunate to host many visitors.  Visitors are always welcome at Shabbat Services.

Public and private tours are offered regularly. Please contact the temple office for details and scheduled dates. 

Huntsville Jewish Heritage Center

The Huntsville Jewish Heritage Center at Temple B’nai Sholom showcases the original Sanctuary mantel, artifacts and the desk used by the Temple’s early rabbis. The displays highlight Jewish holidays, Jewish life cycle events, and sacred Jewish objects, symbols, and traditions. Artifacts from historic Jewish events, the Holocaust and the Declaration of the State of Israel are also exhibited. Above the antique desk, a video screens a documentary tracing the history of our Huntsville Jewish Community. A pamphlet explaining Judaism is also available.

The Huntsville Jewish Heritage Center at Temple B’nai Sholom is unique to the city’s houses of worship as the only religious museum/history center. It is an attraction for schools, churches, and Huntsville’s many national and international visitors to visit our Temple and explore.

The Huntsville Jewish Heritage Center opened to the public in March 2017.  

A Holocaust Torah Scroll is included among items for display.  

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If you would like a tour of Temple B’nai Sholom, please call the office Monday-Friday 9am-1pm for more  information. 256-536-4771